If you do not have a physician to give you a medical opinion, you will get denied for most disability claims. Insurance company may not be willing to approve you.

About apply for temporary disability:

To verify your doctor's recommendation, they will ask for a note from physician and you'll need proof of income. If you cannot provide documents, your apply for temporary disability will be denied.

-You can't be deported if you have temporary disability insurance policy. -You can continue living with your spouse & children without fear of deportation.

Pros of apply for temporary disability:

If you or someone you know has a disability, you may be entitled to temporary disability or to have extended medical coverage. It is very good to apply for temporary disability which is beneficial.

-It is a great & highly pragmatic option. Person applying is not an ordinary citizen but has temporary disability -Person applying has a diagnosis of disability

Pros of apply for temporary disability:

Individuals are encouraged to apply for temporary disability from the insurance website. But, you will have to mail a copy of your health insurance certificate to your State officer as proof of cover.

Cons of apply for temporary disability:

-You have to tell Social Security Administration your plan for back to work. -You may not get benefits if you have no work, & if no income, you don't qualify.

While you apply for temporary disability insurance policy it may be hard to find another job that would meet the same salary, as you cannot work for a couple of months or at most a couple of years.