Insurance cover is the only way to get over minor accidents that cause property damage. But if you're a big accident risk, you'll need to look into more comprehensive insurance.

About auto insurance:

There are lots of reasons which may have compelled someone to purchase an auto insurance. Some people are convinced that these things ensure financial security to a person from an unexpected tragedy.

-Easy to understand because it's all based on actual statistics -Some agencies only need to replace car's front windshield & windshield, while some require all window replaced

Pros of auto insurance:

Insurance has been there ever since humans started walking the earth. For this purpose, auto insurance companies work to make sure that every driver’s vehicle is insured. To be safe, insure your car.

-No need to show up for claims. -No waiting period between when you pay and when the insurance policy cover is in force. -Your monthly payments are based on your home's value.

Pros of auto insurance:

Auto insurance is a business that is bound by certain legal regulations. As a client, you are advised to be diligent in researching auto insurance in your area such as coverage & premiums of policy.

-It's not as fast to process insurance claims as it is with home insurance. -Your policy doesn't last forever. When policy expires, company will offer you a cheaper premium.

Cons of auto insurance:

Navigating through auto insurance is often a daunting task for individuals. But with correct knowledge and advice from you, you will be able to get the coverage that is right for you & your family.