Boat insurance is important & covers your hull, also protecting your craft from damage due to mechanical mishaps, or damage to your boat caused by any natural disaster.

What is Boat Rental Insurance?

Boat rental insurance is completely optional, to cover the costs of any damages, but since insurance needs to be paid in advance, you need to also consider money you need to set aside for premiums.

-You enjoy as premium will be covered for major incident that occurs during voyage. -Rates can be cheaper as well. -It can be transferred from one yacht owner to other.

Pros of Boat Rental Insurance:

You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario. All too often people think that they are covered just because their parents have policies on their boat, but this is not necessarily true.

When you book a trip on a boat, you are entrusting your family and their safety to the care of the boat's owner. You should still always be insured for the worst.

More About Boat Rental Insurance:

Usually, you can protect your family from the most common damages that a boat can incur. This covers any breakdowns 7 other mishaps, but you still need some form of insurance for boat to be covered.

It is basically insurance for your boat. When you hire your boat from a boat rental agency, the company is responsible for its upkeep and any problems that the boat has. 

Boat Rental Insurance

You are responsible for insuring the boat as well as for any damage that it may cause. If boat is damaged, or your insurer believes that boat owner is at fault, then you may be liable for full damage.