You should always consider buying additional insurance to cover potential disabilities that may be part of work history. It's common to work jobs that are physical.

About buying short term disability:

Buying short term disability is vital for successful implementation of this disability plan. Right policy enables to keep yourself as well as your loved ones financially protected for a limited time.

-You'll get a generous amount of money each week. -You'll get paid on the first day of the week that you are available. -They start while you are still healthy.

Pros of buying short term disability:

While buying short term disability plan make sure that you provide the insurance agent with necessary documentation. This will help in early payout of the policy & ensure that agent does not deny it.

-Convenience. You can take it at any time. -Not required to pay into the Social Security system. -Must pay 6% to Social Security system every month necessarily.

Pros of buying short term disability:

When you buying short term disability, make sure that you understand it thoroughly. It will help you to know which are companies offering short term disability plan & how much they charge per month.

Cons of buying short term disability:

-You may only receive a fraction of the amount that you think you'll get. -You may not get paid for weeks or months if your company is experiencing hardship.

You need to be sick enough for buying short term disability insurance policy. However, this depends upon how sick you are, and this is difficult to quantify. Some people use benchmark of a doctor.