Canine Insurance is not the same as pet insurance. Instead, Canine Insurance is usually a monthly premium that covers medical emergencies and injuries of canine companion. 

What is Canine Insurance?

Canine Insurance is unlike pet insurance in that it offers coverage in specific areas, & it has a higher claim value than most pet insurance policies. Canine Insurance can cost as much as $10 a month.

Choosing right Canine Insurance is as difficult as picking right insurance for family. Reputation, quality of service play a role in deciding which policy you want to go with.

About Canine Insurance:

Canine Insurance costs the same whether you pay for the premium monthly or yearly. You get Canine Insurance because it is affordable, flexible, and most importantly works for the dogs of everyone.

No loss of income using Canine Insurance – Dogs require a lot of attention & if you don’t have the funds to pay for it then you need a flexible policy that provides coverage.

Pros of Canine Insurance:

Canine Insurance work for you and your dog. – No claim processing fees, you pay one premium and the policy costs you one. Your canine dog is covered without you going through a lengthy claims process.

Premiums are affordable – According to Dog Insurance Compare, dogs premiums are low.  You get same for dog insurance with Flexible Program for convenience & peace of mind.

Pros of Canine Insurance:

Using Canine Insurance there is no need to slog through their paperwork or the claims process which is a pain point for a lot of dog owners. The dog insurance covers you, your dog, and their owners.