This is a insurance that covers all of dog bites. It includes general liability, vehicle liability, & product liability. Can get insurance for both you & your dog.

What is Canine Liability Coverage?

The short answer is that canine liability coverage insurance protects your business & your dogs if someone gets injured, even if it’s a member of your own staff or even if you’re not on the property.

You have to provide proof that dog has been examined by a doctor or a veterinarian & has been treated by a veterinarian to insure the company covers these expenses.

Pros of Canine Liability Coverage:

Canine liability coverage is a type of insurance that covers business when one of dogs causes property damage or injury. Dog that tends to cause damage, an entrepreneur may fear paying for damages.

-Insurance will pay for routine medical treatment for dog -If you own a dog that is involved in crash company will pay for treatment if it is your fault in accident

Pros of Canine Liability Coverage:

Canine liability coverage includes legal costs for damages caused by a dog. This means that if a dog damages property in a public place or other area, the insurance policy will cover the cost.

-If your dog gets killed in a crash the insurance will pay for cremation or burial of dog. -Your policy covers your dog against injury if it is injured in a crash.

Pros of Canine Liability Coverage:

Legal costs for damages caused by a dog may include fines, damage to property and legal fees. However, there are a number of legal costs that can be covered by a Canine liability coverage policy.