This policy covers you for a car repair, as well as for a damage caused to car when your car has been in an accident. Most car repair insurance policies have a deductible.

About car repair insurance:

You should note that a car repair insurance is not considered to be a substitute for car insurance. Some don't offer car replacement coverage, & they only cover temporary expenses after an accident.

-A hassle-free car repair process -Remote access to your car to get service done -No more "incident of notice" but the first one -No more going to an emergency service

Pros of car repair insurance:

While many insurance policies don't cover things such as new cars or repairs that you choose to pay for independently, car repair insurance policies do offer protection in case your car is stolen.

Cars are not same, which means car repair might not be same as you expect. Depending on kind of coverage you buy, you might end up paying an unnecessary cash for repair.

Cons of car repair insurance:

A car repair insurance policy helps you cover the costs of a your car repair done at your own garage. Most auto repair insurance policies have a deductible which you will need to pay at that time.

There are different types of car repair insurance policies in market such as comprehensive, collision and comprehensive. Car repair insurance plans will cover parts of car.

About car repair insurance:

Buying car repair insurance is not that complicated. Your car insurance company will provide you with car repair insurance, just as they offer you other services such as insurance for driver and more.