Not all breeders or cat breeders insurance is same & it should not be considered as a substitute for proper insurance, it is a convenient, affordable & a safe option.

About cat breeders insurance:

Cat breeders insurance is specifically designed to cover the loss or damage caused by your cat to your property, which includes house, garden, garage, lawn, trees, horse, car or building or vehicle.

-You won't have to give up a beloved pet if you can't afford insurance -It's less complicated for pet owners than setting up a policy coverage for human family members

Pros of cat breeders insurance:

Cat breeders insurance has the ability to place the customer on pre-approved lists, so the client will be sent the most appropriate pets with fosters, adopters, transport, out-of-state homes & more.

-Insurance prevents liability issues -Specialization in cat breeds provides an advantage in identifying desired pets -Agrees to pay for vet care if the client cannot

Pros of cat breeders insurance:

Cat breeders insurance helps agencies raise money to rescue abandoned pets. Adoption fees often include insurance fees, making it easier on customer. Its quick for agencies to process applications.

-Your money will not be there for you to spend on your cats -There will be possibility of lapses in premiums -Although premium is cheap you might not get much benefit

Cons of cat breeders insurance:

If you are not a very experienced breeder, you might consider buying a cat breeders insurance that is just for your shelter. If this is case, premium will be higher. No coverage if you get a disease.