This Insurance provides your best peace of mind when having a pet. Without insurance, it’s very easy for pet to be exposed to damage from accidents or a medical emergency.

About cat care insurance:

Cat care insurance helps you provide your cats with special care when you are out of town. This insurance policy plan covers necessary care like medication, vet visits, pet sitter, & adoption costs.

-Provides a "cover your butt" type of security when moving home. If a major health issue strikes, cost of care in a medical facility is much less than if they are at home.

Pros of cat care insurance:

With cat care insurance you can add in a pet memorialization service to ensure that your cat is honoured by your chosen provider, and thus that your loved one can keep following in your footsteps.

–For those who are pretty fussy about the cat care insurance, that your cat will receive, there is option of adding additional protection in the form of travel insurance.

Pros of cat care insurance:

If the cat dies due to a non-serious illness, he/she receives enough money to pay off the claims through cat care insurance & interest accruing on the fund at time of owner’s death is also forgiven.

-Some policies charge high premiums or deductibles. If you have a low-cost plan & you use your cat a lot, a higher premium or deductible may seem unfair. -Cost may be more.

Cons of cat care Insurance:

With cat care insurance daily or weekly amount of coverage may seem like a lot of money at the time of purchase. In the long run, extra premium may not be necessary if your cat doesn’t need full care.