This policy can cover dental, even for cats with thick or unusually shaped teeth. However, cat owners need to find out what type of dental treatment is covered.

About cat insurance including dental:

With cat insurance including dental you can get veterinary treatment for your pets when they need it, and that can cover their routine medical costs. But the amount you can spend on your pets varies.

-Dental insurance policy offers support for cat's teeth and gums. -Dental insurance allows for regular visits to the vet to check for any issues or disease.

Pros of cat insurance including dental:

Most cats don't have cat insurance including dental, but cat owners want to make sure their feline friends get the care they need. At only £12.00 per month for cats, it should be less than half price.

-Prescription service -Yearly dental exam -Priority claim form upon suffering an injury -Yearly or annual check up appointment -New bookings can also be made

Pros of cat insurance including dental:

It's important to note that not all cat insurance including dental are the same. Some companies are able to detect teeth issues such as periodontal disease and will therefore automatically cover.

Cons of cat insurance including dental:

-Dental coverage could be denied by the insurance provider due to the animal’s age. Check provider’s terms and conditions to make sure it covers certain ages.

Cat insurance including dental is most often offered by ancillary medical insurance. Many dental insurers also offer "protective" insurance that covers insurer's expenses to cover payments to insured.