For best protection of your cat, you should have this. This cover comes with best warranty. It will cover your cat or pets' medical expenses even after you've died.

About cat insurance lifetime cover:

If you have cat insurance lifetime cover, you are fully protected against accidents and diseases – just one big problem – you’re liable to pay for expensive vet bills for a cat as long as it lives. 

-Most people in late teens or early twenties, are likely to buy a pet and will need to insure it for as long as animal lives, even when it stops acting like one.

Pros of cat insurance lifetime cover:

In cat insurance lifetime cover premium is increased on the basis of the age of the cat and its condition, medicals, etc. The premium pay is determined in US dollars per year, for your policy account.

-Apart from regular cover, if you have a cat, get him/her a lifetime cover. Also, it is cheap and will work as your own ‘carnival insurance’ for life of your cat.

Pros of cat insurance lifetime cover:

Using cat insurance lifetime cover if your cat becomes very ill or dies due to natural causes, your family will not have to shell out huge amounts or loads of money, since policy coverage is included.

Cons of cat insurance lifetime cover:

-It may not cover accidental damage. -Its cost may make you hesitant to go any further. -You need a decent amount of cover to avoid unacceptably high premiums.

Pet is more than a pet. It is a member of the family that requires affection and attention. This policy can help you contribute towards the expenses your pet incurs over cat insurance lifetime cover.