Small breeds are much harder to cover. If your cat is more than 10 years old, you can apply for a “grand” cat insurance policy that will be covered for multiple years.

About cat insurance older cats:

Types of cat insurance older cats are some insurance companies offer coverage on cats that are as young as 1-3 years old, or older and a specialized insurance plan for people who have older cats.

-A risk of obesity increases exponentially during the second half of their lives (10–15 years), so age is an important factor when considering an insurance cover.

Pros of cat insurance older cats:

Cat insurance older cats companies typically do not require proof of vaccination, which is needed with pet insurance, a policy with cat insurance can help people, who previously didn't have.

-Safer to insure cats over the age of ten or so than younger ones as they are less likely to be stray or to fight, but need to be looked after more carefully.

Pros of cat insurance older cats:

With Cat insurance older cats, if your cat has never had an accident in the house then you can opt to pay for a cat insurance policy for an older cat that hasn’t been used to wandering outdoors.

-While most insurance companies cover cat insurance, there's a few that do not, & as such it can be a good idea to find out what you would be covered for concerns

Cons of cat insurance older cats:

Obtaining cat insurance older cats policy is highly recommended for cats aged over 5 years as majority of the insurers charge hefty premiums for dogs (for males, and under the dog insurance policy).