If your cat needs expensive treatment or treatment doesn’t work you get high deductable & policy will take care of rest. It may not cover some forms of medical costs.

About cat insurance pre existing:

Companies work to get you under their program as soon as you buy it. But since you have cat insurance pre existing, they will start to look at your bank account to see if you are worth working with.

–No veterinary bills –Pension/Hardship claim –Insurance is an opportunity to find out a lot about provider –Insurance is a great business venture if used correctly

Pros of cat insurance pre existing:

If your current cat insurance pre existing takes a few days to process the application or takes forever, they may pass you up and put you through the phone trees for other policies that are available.

-Cats health in the midst of the treatment -Prepares you for possibility of increase in your rent -Quick medical and accreditation to insurance policy for no cost

Pros of cat insurance pre existing:

Using cat insurance pre existing, if you don’t think your cat has a long life expectency and could suffer without health insurance policy it’s a great idea. But the out of pocket cost can add up.

Cons of cat insurance pre existing:

–You may not know if you want to insure your cat which can be difficult –You may be scared to have your cat insured as your cat may not be able to find his way home

In cat insurance pre existing, probably biggest pro is cover for a large variety of common ailments and things that are specifically connected to your pet. This is one area where it’s actually true.