This kind of insurance is also known as defensive cat insurance. It ensures pet is protected against possible injury or damage to property due to actions of other pets.

About cat liability insurance:

If a cat bites or scratches you or a person, cat liability insurance covers damages & medical expenses. With this kind of insurance, you get 24/7 claim assistance from reputable insurance companies.

-Liability insurance allows you to recover what you’re owed. -Policy protects you from third-party liability or what’s called “special damages” such as lawyers’ fees.

Pros of cat liability insurance:

Cat liability insurance protects you against cat-related damages that may occur on your properties and claims against you. It is important to know that pet policies are different to home insurance.

-Cat owners are entitled to a one-time emergency payout of at least $1,000 per claim in case of an accident -Keeps you protected from pet owners who let animal roam

Pros of cat liability insurance:

Cat liability insurance prevents you from having to pay large bills when a cat gets injured or a pet owner commits a crime against a cat and from negative cat mentality turning to claims against you.

-If you live in a rural area, you may need to add liability insurance for people to travel far from home. -You might not be able to insure breeds like Maine Coons.

Cons of cat liability insurance:

Having cat liability insurance on your cat can provide financial security against injury or damage while you're away from home in case.You don't want to be without coverage against unexpected losses.