- It offers benefits that are actually used. - It’s a cost-effective alternative to costly medication or surgeries. - It helps in staying healthy and well-monitored.

About cat wellness insurance:

Cat wellness insurance is designed to cover routine medical care for a cat's life. This is similar to human's wellness insurance policy that covers routine dental care and minor elective surgeries.

-You won't have to pay for a claim out of own pocket if a cat gets sick (although carrier is responsible) -You can choose an insurance company based on your preferences

Pros of cat wellness insurance:

With cat wellness insurance you can have the peace of mind of knowing your cat is insured against any possible accidents. Maintaining records is imperative to get insurance value for the premium.

-Access to additional diagnostic tests -Access to more veterinarians for diagnosis -Access to advice & support from provider -Mental support for family cat owner

Pros of cat wellness insurance:

There are a few downsides to cat wellness insurance as well, as there are with any insurance. One of the main reasons we are not a fan of cat wellness insurance is the added cost associated with it.

-Some insurance carriers won't cover pets that are "specialty" breeds, like bulldogs or pugs -You may have to give cat vaccinations, to get your insurance to cover you

Cons of cat wellness insurance:

Cat wellness insurance is perfect for a cat parent who needs to know the price of their cat insurance, or who needs to know how much insurance is going to cost their pet if insured cat passes away.