This policy is for treating a cat not just with a label & prescription, but as a member of a healthy family. that's reason of this comprehensive wellness plan for your cat.

About cat wellness plan:

Many cats have symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose, but this is goal of cat wellness plan: to identify what ails their cat & to provide them with the proper treatment, so they will get better.

-Provides overall good care and health monitoring. -Regulates immune response. -Helps reduce the number of diseases of cats. -Assists in lowering the occurrence of diseases.

Pros of cat wellness plan:

In case of cat wellness plan, cats are important to a person, but it does not mean they should be neglected. They need special care & attention from a person that knows how to care for them properly.

Participants in this wellness program help support their feline friends' health by providing free flea and tick preventatives and biodegradable bedding to all cats in need,

Pros of cat wellness plan:

If you are thinking about getting cat wellness plan because of many things, then do some research online & see for yourself what demand is in your area. Good wellness policy that is supported by vets.

Cons of cat wellness plan

-There is an extra cost that a cat owner may pay if -they want to have their cat in a wellness program policy. -The cost may go up due to the extra diagnostic tests for cats.

Additional cat wellness benefits include free wellness exams at participating veterinarian offices, free flea/tick/parasite treatments, free vaccines, free microchips, free pet-food bowls, & discounts