This is also known as pre-existing disease policies, can be a great way to mitigate financial risk for people whose dogs have been in accidents & get insurance quickly

About cheap older dog insurance:

Cheap older dog insurance can pay for surgeries that your dog will need, but they're not cheapest options. They will also cover things that dog can't get insured for, as new insurance or new vaccine.

If you've only got a few thousand pounds to spend, cheap older dog insurance may not be your best option. You don't have to take out cover that you don't want to.

Pros of cheap older dog insurance:

It's cheap! Dogs are very important to many people, and they like to insure more than one! When pets' lives are at risk it's good to have cheap older dog insurance in place to have a second chance. 

You can't see how much your premium will be - it's just a figure at end of policy that you can't change or reduce. But it will be significantly cheaper than the sum.

Pros of cheap older dog insurance:

Cheap older dog insurance has no upfront cost. Membership is required only when you add your dog to the company's growing database. You are covered for critical injuries that occur during training.

There is no lifetime benefit for discounts. Price goes up with age & most pets are covered for less than 3 months. Many insurers require prior approval or pay full.

Cons of cheap older dog insurance:

Biggest disadvantage of cheap older dog insurance is that you can't make any changes to cover for next year. If your dog needs extra or cheaper cover, you'll have to let them know as soon as possible.