Insurance policy is required to ensure protection against any type of collision. If you have been victim of a collision, you must take action to obtain insurance coverage.

About collision insurance:

Standard automotive insurance applies to repair vehicle & collision damage to vehicle. Collision insurance may be offered in addition to repair and reconstruction claims, or part of other policies.

-Lower liability risk -No insurance required -Affordable insurance premium -Preferred by both passengers and drivers for good road safety -Free car repair and replacement

Pros of collision insurance:

Collision insurance is a type of property & casualty insurance that covers replacement of your vehicle in case it gets damaged in accident. These are designed to cover your vehicle against accidents.

-Just add to your insurance premium -Plastic, leather and shiny metallic parts may not be as durable as metals -Secondary insurance is mandatory for buses, trucks and cabs

Cons of collision insurance:

Collision insurance protects drivers whose cars are damaged or stolen. These insurance policies are usually obtained by those who drive rental cars, minibuses, limousines, taxi cabs, chauffeurs, etc.

There are no real surprises, but simply having a home policy can result in significantly lower premiums. Even when you have good credit, this can save you a lot of money.

About collision insurance:

Most car collision insurance, especially those that sell policies in the US and Canada, offer this extra feature as an optional extra. If you need more cover, you can select it as part of insurance.