Commercial auto insurance may refer to a series of property and liability policies covering injuries or damage to property caused by vehicles operated by businesses.

About commercial auto insurance:

Triggers offers and discounts - Because you don't have to buy commercial auto insurance from the same company every year, insurance companies can incentivize you to keep insurance policy coverage. 

Main advantage of this is that it provides coverage to small business owners, small business owners and their employees & their families in any possible accident.

Pros of commercial auto insurance:

Commercial auto insurance is always used as a supplementary type of insurance to the personal auto insurance, to replace some of damaged goods of person who might have been injured in the accident. 

-Insurance costs can be too high sometimes. -Doesn’t cover lower-value vehicles which are used by many people. -Driver’s licenses and registration can be suspended.

Cons of commercial auto insurance:

While it is true that hiring an independent commercial auto insurance broker will save money, you still have to make sure to compare from multiple agencies to ensure that you are receiving best deal.

Like homeowner insurance, auto rates are calculated based on what you can afford to pay. In contrast it covers you even if you're not making a profit. 

Commercial auto insurance inflates your rates:

You will be required to provide information about the vehicle you are using, what condition it is in, the driver, and your personal information which opting for commercial auto insurance policy.