Dangerous Dog Insurance is a small add-on to your policy that gives you access to legal defense & allows you to obtain special protection for your dog which is needed.

What is Dangerous Dog Insurance?

If your dog is deemed a dangerous, you receive extra protection to go to court to defend. Dangerous Dog Insurance allows you to obtain same type of protection a pet owner would get in event of attack.

-If your dog gets shot or hurt in an attack, you file a claim -You are covered for all of your pet's medical bills-rehabilitation, even if you aren't able to attend

Pros of Dangerous Dog Insurance:

Dangerous Dog Insurance is a one of its kind product offering that promises to protect your dog, & rest of your household, during an attack. It is best if you have insurance on all household members.

-Any person or animal injured by your dog is covered. -You get coverage even if your dog bites someone in line of duty. -Insurance companies pay for dangerous breeds.

Pros of Dangerous Dog Insurance:

Dangerous Dog Insurance is a solution to an urgent issue which has affected thousands of families across the globe. A single attack by a dog can end in you losing your beloved pets forever instantly.

- The legal expenses in a case where your dog is injured or killed by another dog attack. - The cost of medical treatment and boarding after a dangerous dog attack.

Dangerous Dog Insurance Coverage:

Dangerous Dog Insurance is available in all states. In the form of a policy, it covers attacks by any type of dog, including highly protective breeds, and must be issued within a week of the attack.