Day insurance, also called accidental death, accidental disability & critical illness insurance, is kind of accidental insurance where money is paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

About day insurance:

Majority of states has statutory requirement of medical and surgical treatment for newborn babies. In most of the states, health care day insurance is available for a limited number of children. 

-You can get additional cover at same price you get commercial cover. -You can benefit from state as well as international plans. -You can get insurance at your own will.

Pros of day insurance:

As a safeguard you can buy day insurance as much as you wish. It will cover your expenses in event of major accidents, illness, or accidents in family. You need not depend on others for a emergency. 

-If you have several types of products in your account then it is a hassle for the insurers to process it. -Having any kind of insurance product is a no-no for day insurance.

Cons of day insurance:

Day insurances do not come cheap and can be out of reach for some individuals. The length of policy is sometimes restricted, therefore you might not be able to keep your car on for longer than a day.

Insurance is an investment product for those who can afford it. When buying it, first, you have to define your need for the insurance policy coverage and need to use insurance.

About day insurance:

You can save money if you get it. Day Insurance, as name suggests, is meant for people who have worked during daytime but have not been paid for it. Once you get day insurance can be really helpful.