When disability recipients receive refund for their premiums, it is received from non-disabled government employee rather than a low-income person on social assistance.

About disability and medicare:

Both disability and medicare are large government programs with entrenched, powerful vested interests. Many of those people do not have permanent disability that would qualify to disability payments.

–Flexible programs –You have right to a primary care physician & specialists –You get public transportation –A high level of community participation –Free medications

Pros of disability and medicare:

The disability and medicare is always there for you when you need it and don’t think you’ll ever be able to work again, or when you can, but you’re still in pain or suffering, to get it covered.

–Home-based medical services –Fairly low cost of living –Dealing with any sickness that may come your way –Lots of counseling services for dealing with depression etc.

Pros of disability and medicare:

Disability and medicare has free prescription drugs for everyone. For those with health problems, the only prescription needed is a doctor’s prescription, and doctors are paid via the medicare system.

–Expenses that are not normally covered by medicare –Medical equipment may be great need or too expensive –Low income means very tight & limited access to system

The cons of disability and medicare:

In regards to disability and medicare some communities also face barriers related to process of accessing certain publicly funded services like social assistance, housing support and long-term care.