If you are injured and unable to work while you recover, your policy may provide for temporary disability coverage insurance by an approved temporary disability rider.

About disability coverage:

Many employees don't consider it an important part of their disability coverage. Consequently, their claim may be denied for some reasons. Many companies don't provide coverage to their employees.

-Younger you are, more covered you can be -You can rest assured that if you get hurt or have an accident, yoau will be able to get help you need to get back on your feet.

Pros of disability coverage:

Many employers don't understand need for disability coverage insurance policy. As a result, most of them end up signing up for a non-existent coverage. Many disability insurance providers have gaps.

- You will have an insurance backstop in the event of a job loss. - They will work with you if you have a medical condition that precludes the use of their services.

Pros of disability coverage:

Disability coverage under disability plans can include coverage for anything that a worker might need if he/she became disabled due to injury or illness, but subject to a medical underwriting process.

Pros of disability coverage:

Better salary. Wages and salaries account for half of the average worker’s pay. Many people with disabilities rely on Social Security, which currently pays little to none.

Disability coverage insurance underwriting is not like regular underwriting. Disability insurance underwriting tests the insurance company to see if the potential insured is eligible for coverage.