When someone can no longer work & no longer getting government support for food, shelter, & other necessities, they may become destitute. You may lose your house.

About disability income insurance:

Disability income insurance can be customized to fit each individual's financial needs. The insurance program, which usually consists of a savings account and periodic payments, can be tailored too.

-By taking advantage of disability income insurance policy you can guard against the financial disaster of no income. This income will make you financially strong.

Pros of disability income insurance:

Most disability income insurance covers illnesses, accidents, and disorders that are expected to last a substantial part of your life. It provides income during times when you are unable to work.

-This is 100% survivorship. There is no need of any change in policy period in wake of an individual’s death, either due to natural causes, accidents or diseases.

Pros of disability income insurance:

This insurance allows you to still be an active member of society despite being unable to work. It is important to note that a disability income insurance will not replace your income and work duties.

-A disability income insurance program can be confusing to since you have no control over benefit amount. Insurance companies will require you to fill out forms.

Cons of disability income insurance:

Disability income insurance has transitional allowance means that claimants are likely to face an income drop after they've stopped working and each state and territory will have different benefits.