Policy makers continue to overlook the needs of more than 50 million Americans with disabilities in this country, despite fact that they comprise 8% of the U.S. population.

About disability policy:

Not all disability policy is created equal. If you were to take an average policy, it would only cover about 25% of costs of living with a disability. Rest of cost is actually paid for by the patient.

• is supported by Democrats & Republicans. • protects civil rights. • prevents exploitation. • requires that government policies serve best interests of disabled people.

Pros of disability policy:

The main problem is disability policy coverage insurance benefit is not an insurance policy. You can be completely healthy, but still get a benefit. The main requirement is that you cannot work.

• provides rights to disabled people to choose where they live, whom they will serve. • states that certain actions can harm a person's health without compensating them.

Pros of disability policy:

There is hundred percent need of disability policy to be it through the government or the insurance company. Even worse, most of that cost is usually covered by the patient's out-of-pocket expenses.

• prohibits discrimination by public or private employers • requires that disabilities have role in any government action • protects people with mental & other disabilities

Pros of disability policy:

In the federal disability website you will see the resources you will need for having disability or care taking needs covered by disability policy. You can click on category that corresponds to you.