Dog Bite Liability Insurance protects you in the case of an unexpected dog attack. Insurance covers your dog, not you, and limits your damages to only your dog.

What is Dog Bite Liability Insurance?

Dog bite liability insurance is a type of life insurance which provides financial compensation in case your dog bites someone or inflicts damages to the property belonging to a person or household.

– Insurance usually has its own deductible. – Unlike medical or accident insurance, Dog Bite Liability Insurance usually offers reduced deductible to pet owners.

Pros of Dog Bite Liability Insurance:

Dog bite liability insurance also a policy which protects owner's household from claims arising from bites by its dog. Policy premiums vary depending on claim filed by person or person's household. 

– This insurance premiums are determined based on a home owner’s or pet owner’s coverage. – It offers individual protection for each member of family or business.

Pros of Dog Bite Liability Insurance:

Just because your dog is in good health, does not mean that your family is. Dog Bite Liability Insurance protects your and your family’s financial future, as well as your family’s physical well being.

– This Insurance does not have life, disability or property damage limits. – Dog Bite Liability insurance is valid for your whole family, not just your pet.

Pros of Dog Bite Liability Insurance:

Dog Bite Liability Insurance provides the legal defense you need to protect your and your family’s interests.You should never rely on your pet’s aggression as a reason to not have liability insurance.