costs of your pet's grooming at the local groomer. You can purchase extra protection for your dog on it's breed to better protect it from many accidents.

Dog Grooming Insurance is insurance that covers

Dog grooming insurance is the assurance of the total loss of your dog if you do not have enough money to pay for the treatment of your pet, especially if you live outside an urban area.

If you’re dog owner, you’re going to asked to cover cost of exams you need to get dog ready for life. If it does go shelter is not accredited, quickly & safely adopted.

Pros of Dog Grooming Insurance:

The benefit of dog grooming insurance is that it can be purchased at the same time as your regular liability insurance, with no additional premiums. It works very much like your homeowners' insurance.

Dog owners to protect dogs against negative consequences of dog grooming services. Because of injury, dog owner doesn’t want to risk dog’s well being to save money. 

Pros of Dog Grooming Insurance:

You can purchase 'extra coverage', which will cover other damages. In recent case, a family was reimbursed for the loss of their home, but only after insurance paid for their dog's medical treatment. 

Securely protects your dog when out in public. Ensures that your dog stays safe comfortably at the groomers or groomers personal home. There is no cancellation fees!

Pros of Dog Grooming Insurance:

On top of providing the Dog Grooming Insurance, you are also allowed to call in dogs on demand. So, if the dog is sick, or is at the groomer, you will be able to call and pay bill at your convenience.