When you are not 100%, bring your pup in for a wellness check. Here, your vet will perform a physical exam, complete a weight & activity assessment, & do x-rays and bloodwork.

About dog wellness plan:

As per dog wellness plan, feed your dog one large meal a day. Take your dog to the veterinarian's office or pet store for regular checkups. This will help your veterinarian see any sign of illnesses.

–No extra costs other than medical bills, vet bills. -Reliable –Regular routine. –Regular routine. -Easy to follow. –24/7 dog boarding and pet therapy to help ease concerns.

Pros of dog wellness plan:

Relating to dog wellness plan, instead of walking on grass, go to park. In a park, dogs can run freely and safely. Keep dog hydrated. Eat dinner early or feed dog early. Don’t leave your dog alone.

-Dogs will learn new behaviors that will be great habits & good for dog's health. -Encouraging exercise, especially fresh air exercise, which will benefit dog & your home.

Pros of dog wellness plan:

Dogs with minor health issues are being treated & long-term problems of dogs with minor health issues are also being treated, such as inflammation in the ears or skin problems by dog wellness plan.

Cons of dog wellness plan:

Some people, particularly people who aren’t professional dog trainers, don’t know how to properly care for dog. They may not realize how to stop dogs from being destructive.

Dog wellness plan is about their general health. Common diseases dogs can get include skin infection, abscesses & herpangina. This was designed to help you make your dog healthy, happy and pain free.