This plan can help cover the cost of financial difficulty caused by disability. It can help family & friends pay for costs related to disability as well at emergencies.

About EDD disability insurance:

EDD Disability Insurance is a job-based benefit that is claimed by an employee at the time of his/her hire, and is calculated according to the procedures outlined in Title 13 C.R. Section 7507.

-It really seems like a good idea. But lack of information & education about disability and insurance among disabled people makes it pretty much useless in practice.

Pros of EDD disability insurance:

EDD disability insurance Provides you with coverage in case you do suffer from an illness or injury that prevents you from working. Insurance offers a pension plan so that you are guaranteed income.

-You don’t have to put more money into retirement fund, with full cover if you had catastrophic health situation. -It allows you to remain employed as you get older.

Pros of EDD disability insurance:

EDD disability insurance pays a portion of medical bills for your out-of-pocket expenses offers medical expenses benefits for disabilities and does not penalize with excess hospitalization payments.

-Will not cover the health insurance costs which are the biggest expenses for most workers. -May be required to submit to expensive medical examinations and tests.

Cons of EDD disability insurance:

EDD disability insurance has a huge demographic that has no idea how to access disability insurance and can’t see that it can be a solid choice for many purposes. But its dedicated to helping people.