An emergency cat policy will cover all your pets until you pay up. This policy covers bites, scratches, and eye injuries. This is equal to that of a regular insurance.

About emergency cat insurance:

You may have a pet and want to protect it from life threatening situations. Emergency cat insurance is the solution for your pet’s injury and health needs. The benefits you will get are very many.

-The pet is insured with the funds provided by policyholder -If the pet passes away or suffers permanent injury, insurance company will cover the incurred costs & loss

Pros of emergency cat insurance:

With emergency cat insurance insured pet owner is protected against expenses for their pet's medical treatment covering veterinary bills, boarding fees, for new & minor injuries during the treatment.

-Free diagnostics -Free medicines -Feline first aid support -Cash value insurance plan -Flexible and less expensive insurance policies -Great affordability of policy

Pros of emergency cat insurance:

This emergency cat insurance is a type of insurance policy is designed to cover the medical expenses and emergency vet bills of your beloved cat, which might have been injured, stolen or passed away.

-It's important that the this insurance policyholder carries list of pre-approved veterinarians. Pre-approved veterinarians should have experience in treating cats.

Cons of emergency cat insurance:

Unlike its conventional counterpart, emergency cat insurance does not cover all your cat’s health care needs. It is limited in terms of what insurance provider will pay for, or what they not cover.