While most disability insurance programs cover a broad range of medical and non-medical expenses, their benefits are limited. This can leave out the vital medical costs.

About extended disability:

You will have extended disability payments on the following dates: -Up to the day the short-term disability starts. -The day the short-term disability coverage ends. -In any of the subsequent month.

-You can be self-sufficient and live a normal life. -You can work online. -You can read, write, talk, watch TV, and play games. -You can take care of your loved ones.

Pros of extended disability:

Extended disability guarantees a minimum income for recipients of disability benefits. Amount of minimum income is calculated based on number of hours of benefits received & level of medical aid.

-Spending the time to focus on recovery. -Coming up with the right rehab plan for you. -Maintaining your current life. -Having more time to take care of yourself & family.

Pros of extended disability:

Under extended disability insurance provided by employer, the insurance company reimburses insured for a portion of the cost of medical expenses and any qualified life insurance benefits they provide.

Cons of extended disability:

-Maintaining your current life and day to day activities. -Being reluctant to do simple tasks. -Working to obtain your driving license back. -Having a tough time focusing.

Without the coverage of an insurance policy plan like extended disability coverage, a sick or injured person who is not yet fully recovered will be unable to pay the bills of hospital and physicians.