You can buy best free cat insurance protection policy for your cat. This is a serious service provided by few vets and hospitals. They have access to lots of information.

About free cat insurance:

With free cat insurance upon getting sick, your insurer may send an investigator to the house to take a closer look. They may send a lab test or, in worst scenario, pay for tests that you might need.

-It is a good substitute to pet insurance for people who cannot afford insurance -It may be easier to get at places like pet stores, because sales associates can direct you

Pros of free cat insurance:

It's definitely a risk to take if your cat gets sick & it's important to have at-least free cat insurance to cover unexpected expenses. Sometimes pet owners make these decisions for financial reasons.

-Most providers will allow you to set up an automated payment with a set date. -You don’t need a credit card to sign up. -You can get quotes online and not get locked in.

Pros of free cat insurance:

With free cat insurance,we can claim the insurance at any time. We can claim the insurance at any time Free to claim at any time. We can claim the insurance policy at any time and have No claim bonus

-Your cats may become sick and you may not know about it until you get a bill. -If you’re a member of a pet owner’s association or are a breeder, you may be prevented.

Cons of free cat insurance:

Free cat insurance is free, & while some claim to help with claims, it doesn't really help them cover cost of things like accident or funeral. It may make it easier for your cat to have own insurance.