This policy can be an expensive & stressful experience. Best way to ensure you're adequately protected while dog is away from home is to purchase a policy for boarding.

What is Dog Boarding Insurance?

Dog boarding insurance is a form of liability insurance that covers many risks that come with having your dog boarded by a kennel or pet sitter. It is a companion policy that covers number of issues.

If your dog is too old, too sick, or too physically impeded to be at home, then boarding insurance is in order. Dogs of any age, breed, or size can be boarded.

Requirement of Dog Boarding Insurance:

Anytime your dog gets sick while at the kennel, be sure to alert the kennel, as the dog boarding insurance company cannot provide coverage for issues that arise while your dog is away from home.

Obligatory insurance covers insured animal Pets can stay with you for a longer period of time than in a kennel Boarding is better for pup to get used to homes with pets

Pros of Dog Boarding Insurance:

In cases where the insured pet is diagnosed with any severe disease which is a chronic one or not treatable, the treatment costs are completely & fully covered under your Dog Boarding Insurance plan.

Dog Boarding Insurance is available as a typical home insurance policy and covers your dog at home while you are not there at home as well as at dog boarding facilities.

About Dog Boarding Insurance:

Dog boarding insurance is a policy that covers cost of boarding a pet for extended period of time. In order for this to be useful, a veterinarian needs to provide recommendations for caring for pet.