Free kitten insurance is also known as kitten socialization insurance. Cheap, less risky form of insurance that can keep your cat safe & ensure she’s as happy as can be.

About free kitten insurance:

There are different types of free kitten insurance. Health insurance for kittens who have only recently been adopted or who have only been with you for few days. There is also supplemental insurance.

-There is very little risk of problems. You’re not doing anything ‘dangerous’ by giving a kitten a home. -By this the kittens are able to eat and thrive on their own.

Pros of free kitten insurance:

You can buy free kitten insurance at any time and can be stopped at any time. You can keep your cat at the same address so you can have the same vet as long as you continue with your insurance policy.

-First choice of those who desire a kitten from a responsible breeder. -The cats will be vaccinated for feline leukemia, rubella, and given a 6 month rabies vaccine.

Pros of free kitten insurance:

With free kitten Insurance if the kittens get sick, they will either replace or refund money. Insurance will, then, pay for the veterinary bills for a limited amount of time until the kitten recovers.

Kittens will keep chewing on your shoes, furniture, & carpets. Less you have to pay for things like litter box training, bedding and nails, less you will have to spend.

Cons of free kitten insurance:

You can prevent financial burden by having free kitten insurance policy, that will pay for cost of veterinary, physical therapy, & additional needed care after you've stabilized your pet's condition.