This is a benefit that can be claimed as result of a temporary health condition such as back pain. If you cannot work for 30 or more days, you can file a claim.

About individual short term disability:

Most employers with Individual short term disability generally require employees to obtain an approved medical certification that they will be out for at least 6 months due to a disability or illness.

-This is not insurance for health, it is insurance to cover job loss. -If you have a major illness you may be able to apply for benefits & lower premium.

Pros of individual short term disability:

The individual short term disability benefits that you receive depend on the length of your medical health condition. Most companies will pay short term disability benefits for up to 60 days or so.

-If you are young & healthy (mostly) you may pay less than if you have a family that has an illness. -Being self employed is wonderful but can be a challenge.

Pros of individual short term disability:

Company policies and procedures are less detailed when it comes to a individual short term disability insurance policy. The employer and employee agree on the maximum coverage the insurance policy.

Cons of individual short term disability:

-Premium is paid by employer & covered by employee. -Coverage does not automatically renew for those injured with less than one year until company’s decision.

When considering whether to sign up for individual short term disability, take into consideration what type of disability you are dealing with. Do not overpay if you do not meet other requirements.