It covers any Insurance Kitten as a one-time, non-renewable plan with no premium payment & additional features. This means there's no requirement for annual premium payments.

What is Insurance Kitten?

This micro version of cat insurance helps micro/miniature cats in cat fights to live healthier lives, as they need to be in tip top shape to survive. Insurance Kitten is approved reimbursement plan.

Flexible – You can apply when you need to. You may get a sudden emergency cash when you don’t have any other income available. Or, you may wait until a treatment is needed.

Pros of Insurance Kitten:

Insurance Kitten Policy, offers financial help for veterinary procedures not covered by standard insurance, such as surgeries, diagnostics and medications. Fee, usually low is passed on to patient.

The best method is by taking out pet insurance policies. Unlike humans you will just insure your kitten every month until it’s time for your next check up & renew policy.

Pros of Insurance Kitten:

Also, unlike human policies where you pay a premium for this insuring, you do not have to pay extra for pet insurance, that means company only takes a percentage of the amount that’s currently paid.

Unlike human insurance, it does not cost you extra to insure your Kitten. Being economical, this could be a good solution for those find difficult to take to the vet.

Pros of Insurance  Kitten:

The Pet Insurance Kitten scheme is designed to protect kittens. It is the best way to ensure that your cat is financially protected should you die, have a disability or become unable to care for them.