Kitten Insurance allows people to pay a premium to receive an extra layer of protection. Once a kitten has been in a home for at least 48 hours, the insurance will kick in.

What is Kitten Insurance?

Kitten Insurance works by covering all of the expenses. The insurance covers all of the adoption fees, including shots, neutering, and any medical costs that are necessary for kitten to be healthy.

Veterinarians are happy with the new insurance arrangements since they are no longer having to constantly chase down money owed for office visits and treatment.

Pros of Kitten Insurance:

Kitten Insurance should be an option for pet parents who want to insure their cats. For your pet to get care in event of a medical emergency it is really important that you have insurance plan.

-It eliminates need to go to a veterinarian whenever a sick cat needs medical care. Some will be less comfortable, but they are happy that cats are getting treatment quickly.

Pros of Kitten Insurance:

Kitten Insurance will not pay out on a pre-existing condition. If your cat gets into an accident that involves damage, severe trauma, or a loss of hearing, this cat will be covered for their loss.

Kitten Insurance is a catastrophic insurance policy that can be purchased by breeders, through companies. This insurance policy will pay out for a kitten loss of $2000 or more.

About Kitten Insurance:

If your cat has a pre-existing medical condition, Kitten Insurance does not cover the cost of treatment. Your insurance will only cover the pre-existing condition’s related expenses