It is often referred to as liability insurance, is an insurance policy that protects you if you're at fault in an accident. As a pedestrian or driver, this covers costs.

About liability car insurance:

When you are considering purchasing a new car there are a few questions that you have to answer before you can proceed. When it comes to liability car insurance, there are some issues to think of.

-Car insurance is a highly popular product, it's probably only one you can get & find that suits best. -Not just for drivers, but also for any vehicle which is driven.

Pros of liability car insurance:

If you want to insure you driving risk, the best thing is to get liability car insurance. If the lawsuit can go on for more than a year, the policy will cover for the lost time & bills for any lawyer.

-It allows you to get you a lot of insurance & benefits you wouldn't have had before. -It makes much cheaper as some other companies only offer a percentage of risk.

Pros of liability car insurance:

Liability car insurance has to be paid to the insurance provider to cover your car and if someone is injured by your car, then you have to pay the insurance policy premium to the insurance provider.

- it only protects you in the case of an accident, and cannot be used in other situations such as theft or damage - it is usually not affordable for most people.

Cons of liability car insurance:

There are many benefits to choosing liability car insurance compared to a third party or comprehensive car insurance. If you’re selecting this kind of insurance, you have to keep in mind some things.