If you become permanently disabled, your employer may cover a portion or all of medical costs. Size of benefit depends on your occupation& time worked for company.

About long term disability benefits:

People who have become permanently disabled because of a work-related injury or illness may be eligible for long term disability benefits. This is guaranteed by law only if certain criteria are met.

-You get financial security, paid time off and health insurance. -This policy can help relieve burden of unemployment or assist in getting back to work sooner.

Pros of long term disability benefits:

Insurance agents and long term disability benefits claims specialists usually examine the patient’s medical history, physical exam and lifestyle to determine if the patient is fit to work normally. 

-People are less inclined to ask you what you do for living most of time. -Although you will receive compensation in a lump sum, there are no required payments.

Pros of long term disability benefits:

In long term disability benefits are -You can keep your current salary. -No more commuting. -No more worries of future health insurance. -No more worries of dying when your health -insurance runs out.

Cons of long term disability benefits:

-Depending on your condition, amount can be less than what you could get on your own. -You lose certain benefits & will not be replaced by long disability pay.

In long term disability benefits: -Nobody tells you they are going to pay you in your old. -You might not be able to work because you are in 70's or 80's. -You might be at home because of a condition.