Unlike private insurance that's tied to employer, companies that offer long term disability products generally have much less corporate overhead to account for.

About long term disability companies:

In long term disability companies the disability coverage is similar to short-term disability, but is of different rules & may be able to buy additional benefits if they have qualifying conditions.

Insurance companies often cover a large number of long term disability employees through its long term disability insurance plans with no claims cancellation.

Pros of long term disability companies:

If an employee were to get hurt or even to become ill and unable to work, long term disability companies would pay the entire amount that employee would have earned over the course of the entire year.

When a customer purchases long term insurance, they are paying a small percentage of their monthly salary to an insurance company to insure that they get paid.

Pros of long term disability companies:

If the employee cannot work for less than one year, then the long term disability companies covers a smaller portion of their earnings and the worker would have to pay them back at a later time.

Cons of long term disability companies:

-If you choose a plan that has extended benefit, they may stop paying benefits (even after the policy has expired) at an arbitrary time or a percentage point.

Good thing with long term disability companies is that when it is worked for claim can be claimed. As the beneficiary you have access to a large fund. It is greatest safety net for disabled person.