Current disability policies are very confusing for policyholder as to how to apply and when to apply. Your record of earnings must be 10 years before you can apply.

About mass short term disability:

Regarding mass short term disability, if you are under the age of 50, you can go on disability in most states. You have to show that you have long term health condition or you are leaving work force.

-You can still earn a decent income with short term disability insurance policy coverage, but at a lower salary, and without much to show for it in the meantime.

Pros of mass short term disability:

You can go on mass short term disability for a period of up to a year. The thing is, length of time varies from state to state. It will be determined by how long your condition is deemed permanent.

-This disability lasts about one to two years. -You have time to decide what to do before it becomes too much of a hassle. -Maintaining employment in the community.

Pros of mass short term disability:

Insurance companies generally offer mass short term disability plans that allow workers to claim their benefits when they are unable to work for short time. These plans often provide much less cover.

Cons of mass short term disability:

-You cannot count time you are on short term disability towards your vacation days, & your vacation days must be reserved & approved for at least 12 months before.

In mass short term disability, when a person is unable to work due to major illness or injury, they may be able to claim this policy benefits. You will not be paid if you have not worked for one year.