Policy covers mortgage broker when he takes clients in as part of a special closing program. This provides a monthly payment during mortgage life cycle to brokers.

About mortgage disability insurance:

Mortgage disability insurance is designed to be paid by mortgagee to mortgage servicer, on behalf of the mortgagee, in case mortgagee dies, becomes disabled or dies within a specified period of time.

-Gain peace of mind for one year of doing whatever you want. -Increase your cash flow in retirement. -Sell the policy before age 70 & get a lump sum in exchange.

Pros of mortgage disability insurance:

Minority and female homebuyers face additional challenges when acquiring a mortgage, particularly with low incomes. Mortgage disability insurance can be a useful tool to help bridge that gap & solve.

-Provides satisfaction -Reduces future income tax -Pays mortgage penalty -Eliminates a large chunk of liquid assets -Makes wealth preservation a priority to you

Pros of mortgage disability insurance:

The mortgage disability insurance policy provides a percentage of the death benefit if the mortgage holder dies with less than 20% equity in the home and the beneficiary has no other income.

-It gives you time to figure out your living situation, whether or not you have job lined up. You might also be able to qualify for loans or receive assistance.

Pros of mortgage disability insurance:

Mortgage disability insurance generally comes with higher price than traditional life insurance or standard term life insurance policies. So, it can definitely be costly insurance policy to purchase.