Multi cat insurance is an insurance policy that covers total cost of multiple animals as a package. If your house is full of cats, you will need multiple policies for each.

About multi cat insurance:

Multi cat insurance can be more expensive than single cat insurance, but for some people, it is a great idea to invest in multiple insurance policies. Some insurances will pay for the veterinary fees.

-It covers for any and all perils to same legal definition as a 'standard' liability policy would. -It doesn't have an age limit as long as holder is 16 years or older.

Pros of multi cat insurance:

For a great protection it is very important to get a multi cat insurance policy which includes coverage against different kinds of illnesses in pets. It is a good way to make a plan in your busy life.

-If you have more than one cat you can get average pet insurance for average cat. -You won’t need to worry about vet bills because you will be paying for that yourself.

Pros of multi cat insurance:

Key is to know the benefits & risks of multi cat insurance before purchasing. If you don't have a pet & planning to get one, you can check with your company to see if they offer multi cat insurance.

-Owner is responsible for multiple policies, it can be too much for single owner to keep up with. -Expense could be too high for owner, considering cost of having to take.

Cons of multi cat insurance:

The main purpose of multi cat insurance is to protect you and your pets should you become a victim of theft or damage. This insurance policy covers the pets themselves and a portion of the property.