The claims rate with these insurance companies will be low in the beginning and rise up gradually is wrong. Claim rate will rise even if they don't get a single claim.

About multi dog pet insurance:

In case of multi dog pet insurance, each policy can be bought individually or as part of a whole package. If your dog is not covered for a week or two you can buy another product to add to the cover.

-Easy to understand policy terms -Multiple affordable options -Extremely flexible with pet requirements like changing of policy -No excesses, no set monthly payments

Pros of multi dog pet insurance:

Multi dog pet insurance policy coverage ensures that you get much-needed financial security in the form of a yearly payment of expenses for insurance for your dog or any other pet that you care for.

-Wide range of coverage and options -Features 24/7 service by US based customer care center -Flexible monthly payment options -Great price for the amount of coverage

Pros of multi dog pet insurance:

Using multi dog pet insurance you will have include dogs with your property, the same way you do with cats and other pets. This is a quick way to keep all your four-legged friends taken care of.

Cons of multi dog insurance:

-Low claim rates may be a problem for some. -Rarely covers pre-existing conditions. -Policy only covers dog breeds you select. -You may need separate policy for children.

Regarding multi dog pet insurance some simply can't afford it. Others think they have any no reason to buy for their pets because their pets are their children & they would never put them at risk.