Many policies out there these days do not consider personal automobile. This means that you might not be covered for the damages caused to your car in most of the cases.

About non owner car insurance:

Non owner car insurance is a less known term. But, it is a cover you get by own property. Main reason to get non owner car insurance is to protect yourself. Sometimes, it does not cover all damage.

-Some people can’t afford to pay full owner car insurance -Underinsured drivers can be insured for a smaller amount -Best practice in dealing with insurance companies

Pros of non owner car insurance:

In case of non owner car insurance you do not get access to your car, so you have to give a full car report and background check to the insurance policy coverage company before they can insure you.

-Car of your choice is automatically insured on the company with which you are in business. -No renewal is required in this type of insurance policy company coverage.

Pros of non owner car insurance:

Having non owner car insurance for your vehicle is an obvious thing to do if you are purchasing a vehicle. Most insurance policy companies offer discounts and rewards for insurance buyers in plenty.

-Purchasing car insurance means that the new car owner will pay a premium to their company every year, to cover for all eventualities that one may face driving.

Cons of non owner car insurance:

An individual may be insured by a big affordable car insurance company but if you are not knowledgeable with your car, you could end up paying an excess amount of money for the insurance coverage.