Older dog insurance can provide financial protection for your senior dog. The product works by financing veterinary care and/or food if your dog becomes seriously ill.

What is Older Dog Insurance?

There is also coverage for emergency surgery. Your dog's tooth can be extracted at any age, but Older Dog Insurance cover will provide funds for dental work to reduce the chances of having surgery.

- More coverage at lower cost - Excellent for pets that need special treatment, such as dental procedures or vaccinations. -Protects dog-related illnesses & injuries.

Pros of Older Dog Insurance:

Older Dog Insurance provides peace of mind knowing your dog won't be without it for periods of time. Just before retirement, 3 most common health problems for dogs are arthritis, diabetes, & cancer.

- You can't cover the life of the dog. - May not cover pre-existing medical conditions. - Check with your vet to make sure your dog is healthy before purchasing.

Cons of Older Dog Insurance:

Older dog insurance gets ahead of the curve by protecting your dog for years when health issues arise. Premiums for these plans are affordable and generally include a lifetime benefit for entire year.

It is a complementary policy issued by an insurance company. It is designed to provide financial security for people & large dogs. This allows owners to support old dogs.

About Older Dog Insurance:

In its most basic form, older dog insurance is a form of pet disability insurance, protecting owners against unexpected or unexplained illness. This allows them to avoid anxiety and uncertainty.