If the person wasn’t covered by your auto insurance cover policy, you will still have to pay for the repairs of the vehicle if you have that one day car insurance policy.

About one day car insurance:

One day car insurance only provide you cover if the person who crashed is covered by policy. If the person isn’t covered by your auto policy, you will not be covered for the liability of the accident.

Most car insurance policies cover you if you’re involved in a collision and have a note from an official document. It also covers the cost of medical care and medicines.

Pros of one day car insurance:

Having one day car insurance policy cover makes it difficult to cancel one’s coverage at the last minute. If you can’t find an accident you used your car, you will have to pay the cancellation fee.

-You can get your license in one day. -All the costs of the insurance policy coverage are included. -You don't have to stay with one car company if you don't want to.

Pros of one day car insurance:

There are no one day car insurance policy coverage companies that you can work with. They will only serve you as long as you pay them. Some insurance companies make it even more complicated,

Companies make mistakes. They’ll give policy to a driver who’s actually not covered or they’ll refuse to insure a third party’s car for reason they didn’t insure yours.

Cons of one day car insurance:

In one day car insurance you will have only one-time monthly fee. Health insurance plan covers several one-day to one-year medical needs Many lower premiums as compared to whole year auto insurance.