One day car insurance will not increase your car insurance payments. You only pay once a year when you need to renew your policy. Most of the insurers offer you discount.

About one day car insurance:

One day car insurance policy doesn't cover accidents that occurred in the night, which are often unavoidable. If these accidents occur, then they'll be covered by the additional day’s insurance.

• Renewing a policy is less of a hassle. • If you have one phone number for one insurance company, you don't need to keep two numbers. • You can book a policy online.

Pros of one day car insurance:

One day car insurance easy to renew. Most of the times, you don’t need to get a form to renew your policy. All you need to do is to put your documentation at the agent, he will get you one day cover.

• You need a physical examination when you apply for a one day car insurance. • You cannot renew your policy online. In that case, you have to visit insurance agent.

Cons of one day car insurance:

Some of the companies charge you to go through their web pages for one day car insurance. You will need to switch insurance companies every year, but with one day car insurance you have peace of mind.

Annual car insurance also covers various additional items that one day insurance doesn't cover. If person is travel is exposed to dangers, then it would be very beneficial

About one day car insurance:

You can save a lot of money by taking out one day car insurance. More insurance you have on your car, the less you pay. If you have multiple policies, you may end up paying for a single policy twice.