Most insurance companies cover accidents on boats, cars and small machinery. This means if the "accident" has to happen in your driveway, you will get paid through insurance.

About one day insurance:

One day insurance policy coverage includes a pediatrician, dentist, eye doctor, podiatrist and pediatrician office visit and also a small copay for any medicines that are needed to be taken as told.

- Quick processing for claims and insurance applications - One-time payment - No proof of service for the life of the policy - No required fees for policies to be renewed

Pros of one day insurance:

You can customize the one day insurance policy based on your needs and can get even better deals with multiple riders in certain areas easily. Current system is not designed to manage annual bills.

-No more fights with existing car insurance. -In event of you or a family member get into an accident, one day car insurance will be enough to cover your financial losses.

Pros of one day insurance:

With one day insurance you get unlimited medical care. There’s no monthly deductible, it just doesn’t pay out until you spend a set amount of money. In fact, they pay you out up front only.

-You don't have to visit your doctor for every ailment -You can even use it for any accident or health concern -You can buy small or even personal accidents insurance

Pros of one day insurance:

One day insurance policy coverage provides for the payment of expenses of proceedings of extradition, investigation, and legal aid, which may arise during the service of process against an accused.