-It is generally paid for maximum of year, although some companies may have a long payment time. -If you have health cover, you will normally receive this disability.

About paid short term disability:

You must meet specific cover requirements to receive paid short term disability. This disability is designed to provide you with financial support in event unable to work due to temporary disability.

-Extra money. -No penalty if you retire before you are 67. -If you are 65 or older and can pay premiums in full you can get a maximum benefit of this policy.

Pros of paid short term disability:

Companies that offer paid short term disability pay medical benefits & may pay you wages as well. But, these payments only last a year & then you have to return to work if you don't have enough rest.

-With this short term disability, most people will be paid for the first 30 days of missed work, and then they will be paid for one day after they return to work.

Pros of paid short term disability:

In paid short term disability, under law you're paid if you're laid off & you become disabled. It doesn't mean you can use as an excuse. If you are going to use it as an excuse then don't claim it.

Cons of paid short term disability:

-You are limited to 8 months of premium paid for in a 12 month -While medical leave option is similar to short term disability, it may not offer same peace of mind

In case of paid short term disability, unless you are injured & require treatment for 3 months or more, you must be able to perform your duties at 100% before you can receive full disability benefit.